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Little Oak is the closest alternative to breast milk, but it’s not breast milk. If you’re having difficulty breastfeeding or the child is six months old, and you want to phase out breastfeeding, Little Oak is the best choice in formula. If your baby is happy, healthy, feeding well and gaining weight, breastfeeding is still the healthiest choice for your baby.

No. Goat’s milk contains less lactose than cow’s milk, but lactose is still present. If your child is intolerant to lactose, goat’s milk won’t be appropriate

Please read the information on the product description and ingredient list properly. Do not use or consume any of our products if you have known allergies to cow, goat or bee/honey products. Please seek medical attention immediately if you develop an allergic reaction.

intolerance experience symptoms such as:
-abdominal pain
-flatulence and/or bloating after consuming lactose.
These symptoms occur because the body does not fully digest lactose. Among people diagnosed with lactose intolerance, there are big differences in the amount of lactose that can be consumed without symptoms developing. Lactose intolerance doesn't mean dairy free and there can often be significant differences in the amount of lactose that can be consumed before symptoms present among people diagnosed with lactose intolerance. You can adjust the amount of lactose/milk intake according to tolerance. The Australian Dietary Guidelines suggest that up to 250ml of milk may be well tolerated if broken up throughout the day and consumed with other foods.

We currently ship to Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Philippines, Thailand, Hong Kong Taiwan,

As customs and import regulations vary widely between countries. Please be aware that all orders may be subject to import duty or other customs taxes. Our courier/logistics team make every effort to ensure customs and import taxes don’t apply to our products, but we cannot guarantee this. Therefore, we recommend that you contact your local customs office for further information. Any customs or import duties are charged once the order reaches its destination country and must be paid by the recipient of the order. Where customs charges are due, this may impact the time it takes your parcel to reach you

Due to the nature of our products, we cannot accept returns or refund. If for some unfortunate reason, your product arrives damaged, please contact us immediately on pureceutics@gmail.com


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